Certified Seed

Iowa Crop Improvement Association is designated by the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture and Land Stewardship as the official seed certifying agency in Iowa. This action is provided for in Chapter 177, Code of Iowa. The Association establishes and administers standards for certification and inspects the production of certified seed under these standards.

ICIA offers certification services to encourage the production of ample supplies of high quality seed of superior varieties grown and distributed under the most careful conditions to assure genetic identity and purity, to make known to the public the sources of such seed supplies, and to encourage the more general use of good seed.

Classes of Certified Seed

Iowa Crop Improvement Association offers Certification of seed through the domestic seed scheme AOSCA (Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies) and international seed scheme OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) seed schemes. Traditional certified classes of seed for AOSCA include Foundation (parent seed), Registered, and Certified seed. Other programs offered include Quality Assurance, Identity Preserved, and Source Identified. OECD Certified seed include Basic (parent seed) and Certified 1st Generation (hybrid).

Seed Services offered

ICIA offers clients 3rd party unbiased field inspection based on varietal purity. We offer shipping documentation, labeling,and seed sampling for Certified seed in the state of Iowa. If you are thinking about raising Certified seed, please contact us for more information about the Certification process.